Bissell Select-94e9t Reviews

Bissell Select-94e9t Reviews

Bissell Steam Mop Select, Titanium, 94E9T

The Bissell Select 94E9T Steam Mop is one of the top rated steam-based cleaners from Bissell. The product comes with a large removable tank, washable microfiber mop pads and other wonderful features that have wowed it to customers. The following review will allow you a peek into the different benefits and features of the cleaner and its position in the market on being compared with some other products of similar type from various other brands.

Bissell Steam Mop Select, Titanium, 94E9T


  • Fully Chemical-Free – The cleaner gives you complete freedom from chemicals and you can get full cleaning ability with simple tap water.
  • Large Tank – The 17 oz. removable tank does not make you require any funnels or cups.
  • Steam Trigger – The cleaner has a steam trigger that is easy to use. It can help you regulate the amount of steam that can be used for cleaning purposes without any pumping requirement.
  • Washable Microfiber Mop Pads – The product comes with two triangular microfiber mop pads that are washable. One of these comes with in-built scrubbing strips while the other one is soft.


The Bissell Select 94E9T Steam Mop has been able to earn a 4 star rating for itself on Amazon and similar ratings on various other online stores such as Walmart. Many consumers have praised its various features and appreciated its usage and functionalities. The Bissell Select 94E9T Steam Mop has got the best reviews and appreciation for the following features:

  • Easily Fillable Water Tank – The water tank can be filled easily from the sink and you do not need to make use of any funnels or cups.
  • Lightweight – Consumers have also appreciated the small weight of the cleaner which makes it portable and easy to be carried about the home and even up the stairs with ease.
  • Mop Head Design – The triangular mop head allows you access to different spots that are quite difficult to be reached.
  • No Reliance On Chemicals – The product has also earned good reviews and comments for the fact that its steam cleaning is wholly free of chemicals. It only sanitizes with the help of water.


The presence of amazing features and functionalities has helped the Bissell Select 94E9T Steam Mop to win over most of its competitors in the market. On being compared with many similar cleaning tools in the market, it has been able to stand thus:


  • Easy Assembly – The parts of this tool can be easy to assemble and it is quite easy to set up. The installation only takes a few minutes and you would find it ready to be used in a short time.
  • Easy To Maneuver – The tool can be quite easy to maneuver and the fact that it is lightweight allows you the ability to use it more comfortably.
  • Inexpensive – The equipment can be bought in less than $60 online and it is the perfect solution for home owners looking for an inexpensive product.


  • Limited Warranty – The product only has a limited warranty period of 1 year, as opposed to products of the same type from other brands.
  • Time-Consuming Mop – For a proper cleaning, you need to mop on a dirty spot for at least 15 seconds and with consistent steam.

Is It A Good Choice?

The Bissell Select 94E9T Steam Mop seems to be a good choice when you compare it with other products. Even as far as customer reviews and ratings go, the cleaning tool has been found to be effective in carrying out its task. If you have a home that gets dusty, soiled or filled with pet hair very frequently, this cleaner can help you a lot to do a good job with your home.

You can be able to use the Bissell Steam Mop Select, 94E9T to your satisfaction and clean even otherwise tough to reach areas of your home. The product has been able to keep up the good name of its manufacturer Bissell, which is known for many high quality cleaning tools in the past. If you live in a high traffic zone and your home is easily polluted, the cleaner can be very useful for you. Given the fact that it costs so less makes the cleaner even more attractive. You can easily buy it for your home and not have to worry about exceeding your budget. It is the ideal product for middle class home owners who look for an effective cleaning tool.

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