Dirt Devil Pd20000b Reviews

Dirt Devil Pd20000b Reviews

Dirt Devil PD20000B Steam Mop

The Dirt Devil PD20000B Steam Mop is a steam mop cleaner that is light in weight and billed to be the perfect cleaning tool to make easy cleaning possible with its varied features and functionalities. The product boasts of solid features like 1500 watt steam mop, V-shaped steam head and easy cleaning and drying ability. This review takes a peek into some of the interesting features and benefits of the cleaning equipment and also finds out how its stands when tested against products of the same type and price range from other brands in the market.

Dirt Devil PD20000B Steam Mop


  • Easy Fill Reservoir – The water tank of the steam mop cleaner can be filled very easily.
  • Easy Steam Distribution – The cleaner is able to distribute steam across the entire surface of the pad.
  • Tap Water Cleaning – The steam mop is able to clean with tap water and its 1500 watt steam mop can make steam within half a minute by using standard tap water.


The Dirt Devil PD20000B Steam Mop has got 3.6 star ratings on Amazon and BestBuy and 4 star ratings on Overstock. A lot of customers have praised various features and functionalities of the product, which include:

  • Easy Cleaning – The constant steam generating system can distribute the steam across the whole surface of the pad and this means you have lesser number of streaks and smears.
  • Good Sanitization – The product only makes use of water and does not use any harmful chemicals that can be damaging for the health of children in house. Still, it is able to sanitize floors and other surfaces properly.
  • Power Cord – The 18 foot power cords can be average for some but many others have praised the fact that it is considerably long to make the cleaning a bigger area possible at one go.


When tested against many other products of the similar type from many other brands, the Dirt Devil PD20000B Steam Mop is able to fare quite well. Consumers have loved the product and have praised many of its features although some have complained about a thing or two. Here is a rundown:


  • Comes With Many Accessories – The tool is available with a number of accessories such as microfiber cloth pads, carpet glide attachment, mess free funnel and more.
  • Easy Drying Ability – The cleaner is able to remove dirt, debris and stain from various areas that are difficult to reach.
  • Good Assembly – The parts of the cleaner can be easy to assemble and it can be ready to use for a cleaning session within a few minutes.
  • Good Dust Remover – The microfiber pad is good enough for dusting purposes and can be machine washed.
  • Lightweight – The product has light weight which makes it portable and ideal to carry around the home.


  • Limited Warranty – It extends a warranty that spans only a year, unlike a few other similar products from other brands that come with longer warranty periods.
  • Small Tank Area – It has a small water capacity and you have to fill it quite a few times to be able to clean a bigger area.

Is It A Good Choice?

The Dirt Devil PD20000B Steam Mop can be ideal to buy and you will love to use it for its various practical features and functionalities. It has simple designs which make it perfect for home owners to use it for varied cleaning purposes. Given the fact that it has been able to get a lot of positive feedbacks, comments and responses, the Dirt Devil PD20000B Steam Mop has proven that it is ideal for use.

It leaves no chemicals and does most of the cleaning with regular tap water. If you live in a dusty region, a high traffic zone or a home with a number of pets or have the habit of inviting guests frequently, this cleaner will be an ideal buy for you.

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