Haan Fs-20 Reviews and Guidelines

Haan Fs-20 Reviews and Guidelines

Haan FS-20 Steam Mop

The Haan FS-20 Steam Mop is a steam-based mop for cleaning floor surfaces. This lightweight steam cleaning equipment from Haan is billed as the ideal tool to make easy cleaning possible with its varied features and functionalities. The machine consists of sturdy features like chemical free steam cleaning, steam jets, ultra-microfiber cleaning pads and extremely light weight.

Haan FS-20 Steam Mop

This review takes a look at some of the best benefits and features of this cleaning tool and also helps you to know how it fares when compared with products of the same price range and type from other brands in the market.


  • Easy Steam Distribution – With as many as 15 steam jets that are evenly spaced, the cleaner can help you to distribute steam across the entire cleaning surface.
  • Tap Water Cleaning – The Haan FS-20 Steam Mop uses only regular tap water for cleaning and does not make use of any toxic chemicals for the cleaning process, thus ensuring the safety of your home.
  • Ultra Microfiber Cleaning Pads – The steam mop cleaner has 2 pads that are highly absorbent and can help you dry cleaned surfaces very easily.


The Haan FS-20 Steam Mop has got 4 ½ star ratings on Bestbuy and 3 ½ star ratings on Amazon online store. A lot of customers have appreciated a number of features and functionalities of this machine, which include:

  • 15 Steam Jets – The steam jets can distribute the steam across the entire surface that has to be cleaned and you do not have any streaks, stains or smears.
  • Adjustable Handle Height – You can easily adjust the height of the handle in an easy manner and according to your own stature, to be able to clean more comfortably.
  • Hooks For Power Cord – The power cords come with hooks and you can use them to hang the cord in an easy manner.


When compared with a lot of other cleaners of the same type from many other brands, the Haan FS-20 Steam Mop can fare quite well. A lot of buyers have loved the tool and have praised a lot of its features, although a few have also complained about a thing or two. Take a look at this rundown:


  • Easy Assembly – You can find it very easy to assemble various parts of the cleaner and make it ready to use for a cleaning session in a short time.
  • Easy Drying Ability – The ultra-microfiber pads of the cleaner are able to dry cleaned surfaces in an easy manner.
  • Fast Heating Ability – The tool is able to heat up in less than 3 minutes and can emit up to twenty minutes of steam for every refill.
  • Lightweight – The machine has a low weight and it is portable and ideal to carry about in easier manner.


  • Limited Warranty – It offers a warranty that spans only a year, unlike a number of other machines of the same type from other brands that offer a longer warranty period.

Is It A Good Choice?

The Haan FS-20 Steam Mop can be the perfect choice for your home and you will love to use it for its varied and robust features and functionalities. It has a compact design which makes it ideal for various types of home owners who can use it for varied cleaning purposes. Despite a few complaints from a few customers about the quality of the product, the majority of buyers have only positive things to report about it. Considering the fact that the cleaner has been able to get a lot of positive comments, responses and feedbacks, the Haan FS-20 Steam Cleaning Floor Mop can be the right choice for cleaning purposes.

When you consider the fact that it can be purchased a little over $50 from online stores, you will be able to understand why it has been liked by a huge number of buyers. It does not leave any toxic chemical residue and does most of the cleaning with standard tap water. If you live in a high traffic zone or a dusty region or a house with a number of pets, this machine will be the perfect buy for you. Get this home and you will find it easier and more time-saving to do the cleaning.

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