Haan Select Si60 Reviews and Guidelines

Haan Select Si60 Reviews and Guidelines

Haan Select Si60 Reviews and Guidelines

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Haan Select Si60 Reviews and Guidelines

The Haan Select SI60 Steam Mop is a steam-operated cleaner that is able to remove spots, stains and dirt from various surfaces. This product comes from Haan, one of the top names in the manufacturing of cleaning equipment for home. With various interesting features such as swivel head, carpet glide attachment, removable water tank, almost complete germ cleaning ability and ultra-microfiber cleaning pads, this is a powerful steam based cleaner.


  • Carpet Glide – With the help of the carpet glide attachment, the equipment assists you in sanitizing high pile carpeting and refreshing it.
  • Complete Germ Cleaning – This cleaning tool does not use any toxic chemical, but is able to clean germs from a variety of surfaces such as carpets and floors. The fact that it is able to remove germs by 99.9% and does not make use of any chemical makes it ideal for homes with small kids.
  • Removable Water Tank – The equipment has a water tank that can be removed to fill easily under the tap and also clean easily.
  • Swivel Head – The tool comes with a swivel head and it assists you in covering a bigger area with a single sweep.
  • Ultra Microfiber Cleaning Pads – The tool boasts of two pads which are highly absorbent and help you to easily surfaces that have been cleaned.


The Haan Select SI60 Steam Mop has earned many positive feedbacks, comments, reviews and ratings on online stores like Walmart, Amazon and eBay. It has managed to get 4 star rating on Amazon, 5 star rating on Haanusa official website, 4 ½ star ratings on Walmart and same kinds of ratings on many other web stores. Most consumers have only nice feedbacks for the machine. A lot of buyers have posted positive feedbacks about the following features of the product.

  • Compact Design – The model has a compact design that makes it easy for buyers to clean various surfaces easily and not experience any hitches at the time of cleaning.
  • Excellent Cleaning Ability – Many customers have praised the ability of the steamer to clean various types of surfaces, such as carpets, hard floor and car interiors. Once the cleaning is over, you will not be able to find any dirt, stains or spots.
  • Long Cord Length – The cord is 25 feet long, which is enough for most homes. The long cord length helps you to clean a large area at one go without looking for some other power source.


When pitted against many other cleaners from various other brands in the market, the Haan Select SI60 Steam Mop has been found to stand up pretty well. When compared with many other cleaners of the same price tag, it fares like this:


  • Cleans Varied Surfaces – The equipment helps clean various types of surfaces and remove stains, spots and dirt very easily.
  • Complete Germ Removal – It helps remove germs completely. The Haan Select SI60 Steam Mop can be ideal for your home if you have kids or pets at home.
  • Good Pricing – At a little over $50 in cost, the tool can be good to purchase for buyers who want an inexpensive cleaning tool for their home.
  • Leaves No Dirt – When you have finished cleaning, all traces of dirt and stains are completely removed from the cleaned surfaces.


  • Limited Warranty – It only comes with a warranty of 1 year, which is limited as compared to the longer warranty periods offered by a few other products of the same kind and price tag.

Is It A Good Choice?

The Haan Select SI60 Steam Mop tool fares better than many other competing products of the same type. You can clean with regular tap water and clean spots and stains easily from any type of surface. You will be able to find the Haan SI-60 Select Multi-Level Steamer a perfect choice if you have a mid-sized or small sized home. It comes from Haan, which has offered some very likeable products in the past.

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