Haan Slim & Light SI35R Reviews

Haan Slim & Light SI35R Reviews

BISSELL Pet Stain Eraser 2003T Cordless Portable Carpet Cleaner, Green

The Haan Slim & Light SI35R Steam Mop is one of the top steaming tools from the stable of Haan, one of the most reputed manufacturers of cleaning tools in the industry these days. The machine has especially been made for cleaning hard floor surfaces and it is packed with sturdy features such as easy fill tank, two microfiber pads, carpet glide and 99.9% germ free cleaning.

BISSELL Pet Stain Eraser 2003T Cordless Portable Carpet Cleaner, Green


  • Carpet Glide – The equipment is able to clean and sanitize carpets within a few minutes.
  • Full Germ Cleaning – Without using any toxic chemical, this cleaning tool is able to clean germs from mattresses and other soft surfaces. The fact that it cleans without making use of any chemicals makes it safe for homes.
  • Lightweight Body – With a lightweight chassis, it is perfect for cleaning and sanitizing rugs, carpets and other soft surfaces.
  • Sleek Design – The cleaner features a slim and light design that allows you to use it in an easy manner.
  • Steam Cleaning – With as many as 15 robust steam jets that are spaced evenly, the equipment helps you to clean soft surfaces without scrubbing them hard.


The Haan Slim & Light SI35R has been able to get 4 star ratings on Homedepot and Amazon and 4 ½ star ratings on Overstock online store. Many buyers have appreciated many different features of the tool and have posted many positive comments, feedbacks and approvals on these sites. You can check these out for yourself for free.

  • Easy To Fill – You can fill up the tank of this cleaner with ease and will be able to fill up the water tanks as and when you need.
  • Two Microfiber Pads – The microfiber pads of this tool can be used again and these are very environment friendly.


The Haan Slim & Light SI35R, when compared to other products of the similar kind and price tag in the market, is able to fare very well.


  • Constant Steam Cleaning – The cleaner is able to offer 30 minutes of constant steam cleaning and this helps you to clean surfaces without investing a lot of effort in cleaning them.
  • Good Pet Cleaner – The machine is also able to clean pet stains and spots within a short time, and without needing to scrub surfaces hard.
  • Inexpensive – The product can be bought at a price tag that reads much less than $100. This makes it perfect for many small and mid-sized home owners.
  • Powerful Stain Removing Ability – The machine helps you to get rid of sticky and oily stains from various surfaces.


  • Limited Warranty Period – The cleaner has a low warranty period of only 1 year, as compared to competing brand offerings that offer 2 to 3 years of warranty.
  • Portability Issues – The machine weighs 9.6 pounds and old people may not be able to carry it quite easily around the home.

Is It A Good Choice?

The Haan Slim & Light SI35R can be perfect for your home. With powerful steam clean and carpet glide technology, the cleaner is able to help you to get rid of all spots and stains without suffering from any difficulty. The fact that it can be bought at less than $100 online makes it even more attractive for consumers who are trying to find inexpensive cleaning equipment.

Although the low warranty period can be a hitch for you, you can find this ideal if you can ignore this aspect of the cleaning equipment. If you are looking for an affordable product, the Haan SI-35R Floor Sanitizer, Red is likely to be the perfect cleaning tool for your home.

It will help you remove even messes from pets in an easy manner. The perfect design of the cleaner helps you to use it for a long time to come and not suffer from any difficulties in gripping the handle.

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