Haan Total HD60 Reviews

Haan Total HD60 Reviews

Dupray ONE Plus Steam Cleaner with Complete Accessory Kit

The Haan Total HD60 Steam Mop is a steam-based tool that can sweep and clean dirt, stains and spots from hard floor surfaces. This offering is from Haan, which is a reputed name in making floor cleaning tools for home. With a number of useful features such as carpet glide attachment, swivel head and motorized brush roll, this is a robust steam based floor cleaner. The review takes a look at the different benefits and features of the Haan Total HD60 Steam Mop and helps you to find out how well it can fare when compared with same types of products from other varied brands in the market.

Haan Total HD60 Reviews


  • Carpet Glide – With the aid of the carpet glide attachment, the cleaner helps you to sanitize high pile carpeting to keep it refreshed.
  • Removable Collection Bin – The model has a motorized brush roll along with removable collection bind to lift small and big debris from carpets and other surfaces.
  • Swivel Head – The machine comes with a swivel head and this helps you to cover a larger area in one sweep.


The machine has been able to get a lot of positive comments, feedbacks, ratings and reviews on online stores like BestBuy, eBay and Amazon. It has managed to get a 3 ½ star rating on Amazon and similar types of ratings on various other online stores. The majority of buyers just have good things to say about the machine. The great ratings and reviews enjoyed by this tool prove why the cleaner can be the right choice. A lot of consumers have positive feedback for the following things about the Haan Total HD60 Steam Mop.

  • Compact Design – The narrow handle and compact design makes it easy for you to do the cleaning and not suffer from any troubles during the cleaning process.
  • Excellent Hard Floor Cleaning – The machine has been praised for its ability to clean various hard floor surfaces, such as tiles, marble and ceramic. After the cleaning process, you will not spot any stains or dirt.
  • Lightweight – The machine is not bulky, which is the reason why you can carry it easily about your home without putting your hands under stress.
  • Long Cord Length – The cord has a length of 25 feet. This helps you to cover a vast area without plugging the cleaner to some other power source.


When compared with lots of other cleaners from competing brands in the market, the Haan Total HD60 Steam Mop has been found to stand up quite well. When pitted against many other cleaners, it is able to fare like this:


  • Cleans Varied Surfaces – Other than cleaning hard floor surfaces like tiles, ceramic and marble it can also remove dirt and stains from many other surfaces.
  • Complete Germ Removal – The machine has been found to rid floors of germs completely. If you have pets or kids at home, the Haan Total HD60 Steam Mop can be the perfect choice for your house.
  • Good Pricing – With much less than $100 in cost, it can be a good purchase for users who are looking for an affordable cleaning tool for their home.
  • Leaves No Dirt – Once you have finished the cleaning, you will be able to find all stains and spots removed easily from the surface of the floor.


  • Limited Warranty – It only extends a warranty of 1 year, unlike a few other products of the same type from various other brands which come with longer warranty periods.

Is It A Good Choice?

The Haan Total HD60 Steam Mop tool is more than able to hold up when compared with same types of competing products. You will be able to clean very ably with normal water and rid your floors of stains and spots. If you have a mid-sized home, you will be able to find the Haan Total HD60 Steam Mop to be the right choice. It can clean hard floors and other surfaces very well. It comes from Haan, which has released some great products in the past. The HD-60 may not be the greatest that Haan has given, although it is good enough when think about the price tag that it is available at. In the event that you are looking for an effective and affordable cleaner, you can go for this one without any worries.

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