Hoover TwinTank WH20200 Reviews

Hoover TwinTank WH20200 Reviews

Hoover TwinTank WH20200 Reviews

The Hoover TwinTank WH20200 Steam Mop comes from Hoover and this equipment is able to beat professional grade steam mops with its functionalities. It has been able to woo customers with its decent pricing and features.

The following review includes information about the features and benefits of this cleaner and also how well it is able to measure up or fare better than other similar products from other rival brands in the market.

Hoover TwinTank WH20200 Reviews


  • Clean Control Dial – It is able to help you adjust quickly for light or heavy cleaning purposes.
  • Excellent Functionalities – With swivel triangle head that can be maneuvered easily, ability to clean inaccessible areas easily and carpet glide for refreshing carpets, you can clean all the spots of your home.
  • Full Germ Protection – The cleaner is able to destroy and disinfect most of the harmful bacteria in your floor, carpet, upholstery and other surfaces.
  • Two-Tank System – You may choose to clean with the help of Hoover Multi-Purpose Disinfectant solution or only with steam.


The Hoover TwinTank WH20200 Steam Mop has been able to get accolades from many customers with its features. It has got 4 star ratings on Amazon as well as Walmart and 5 star ratings on Slickdeals online store. A lot of buyers have only positive feedbacks for this product and have specifically appreciated the following things about the equipment:

  • Easy Cleaning Ability – The product has been reported to help clean carpets and upholstery quite easily with its carpet glide and swivel triangle head.
  • Portability – The light weight cleaner has been applauded due to the fact that it is portable and can be taken up the stairs with ease.
  • Powerful Steam Cleaning Action – The equipment makes use of strong steam power to remove even the most stubborn traces of spots and stains from carpets as well as different other surfaces.
  • Solution Control Dial – The equipment adjusts the entire non-toxic solution in a quick manner and can help you remove heavy or light stains with ease.


When pitted against steam mop cleaner of the same type from other brands, this cleaning tool is able to fare quite well. The cleaner has been able to earn high reviews and ratings from a lot of buyers on web stores such as Walmart and Amazon. The equipment fares in the following manner against its rival brand products:


  • Easy To Assemble – You can assemble many varied parts of the machine quite easily, as opposed to many other competing products.
  • Good Pricing – The equipment has been priced under $100 and it can be a perfect choice for many budget buyer.
  • Multi-Purpose Disinfectant Solution – The machine also comes with multi-purpose disinfectant solution which helps sanitize carpets, interiors of automobiles and various other surfaces with stains and spots that are hard to get rid of.


  • Difficulty In Drying Water Tank – The twin water tanks of this equipment does not dry very easily and there can be mold formation as a result.
  • Needs More Steam Function – A number of users have complained that this cleaner needs more steam function to make cleaning as wet as possible.

Is It A Good Choice?

Unlike many of its competitors, this cleaner can do its job quite well. It can fare quite well when matched against other products of the same type in the market. The machine keeps the reputation of Hoover quite intact. Given the fact that Hoover is one of the top quality cleaner manufacturers in the market today, the Hoover TwinTank WH20200 Steam Mop is able to win over the hearts of customers.

If you are in the habit of inviting guests often at home, this cleaner can be a good choice for you and your home. If you have pets at home or live in a polluted region, it can be a good cleaning tool for you and help you a lot to get rid of rigid stains and spots from your carpets and upholstery.

The equipment has an affordable cost and naturally, it can be a great choice for budget buyers. It has got great ratings and reviews from buyers and you can go to buy this product with confidence.

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