Shark Professional S3601 Reviews

Shark Professional S3601 Reviews

Shark Professional S3601 Reviews

The Shark Professional S3601 Steam Pocket Mop is one of the top steam-based cleaners to hit the market. This lightweight cleaning equipment boasts of 2-sided cleaning ability, near 100% sanitization, XL water capacity, intelligent steam control, quick release mop pads and more. This easy to use cleaner has been able to earn a lot of appreciation from customers.

The review allows you a peek into the top features and benefits of the steam pocket mop and also how it actually fares when tested against some similar products from identical price range, but from other brands.

Shark Professional S3601 Reviews


  • 99.9% Sanitization Without Chemicals – The equipment assures 99.9% sanitization against germs, such as bacteria, which can be found at home commonly.
  • Intelligent Steam Control – You can get greater control over the release of steam with the aid of 3 individual steam settings in the equipment.
  • Quick Release Mops – For general cleaning purposes you may use one of the rectangular mop heads while the other one can be used to remove grime, stains and grease from generally inaccessible areas.
  • Washable Microfiber Pockets – The microfiber pockets of this equipment help you to lift and lock dirt and get fast drying results. You can wash these easily after cleaning sessions.


The Shark Professional S3601 Steam Pocket Mop has been able to earn a 3 ½ star rating on Amazon and 4 star ratings on Overstock. It has also got rave reviews and ratings on many other online stores. Many buyers have loved many of its functionalities and features. The Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop, S3601D has been able to earn many positive feedback for the following features:

  • Lightweight – Buyers have loved lightweight equipment and the fact that it can be carried about the home easily and also up the stairs quite comfortably.
  • Microfiber Pads – Consumers have reported that these pads actually makes it easy to lift dirt and debris with more ease and also wash them very easily once the cleaning process is over.
  • No Use Of Any Chemicals – The steam mop has also earned a lot of positive reviews for its ability to clean without making use of any toxic chemicals. It can do 99.9% sanitization of the floor against germs.


The Shark Professional S3601 Steam Pocket Mop has many useful features which allow it to fare well when pitted against many other products that can be found in the market. When tested against same kinds of cleaners in the market, it is able to fare like this:


  • Cleans Well – The equipment is able to do a good job with the cleaning and can remove dirt and germs from every nook and cranny of your home.
  • Easy To Use – Given the fact that the mop cones with a good design, compact size and light weight, you will be able to use it more or less comfortably.
  • Good Steam Control – You can make use of any steam setting depending on the type of cleaning requirement that you have.
  • Swivel Steering – You can get access to the corners of your house and various parts of the furniture with a swivel steering mop head.


Expensive – You have to spend more than $100 to be able to by the cleaner online. Although it has amazing features, the cleaner can be a little costly to afford.
Limited Warranty – The steam mop comes with a short warranty period which is not that good when you consider the longer warranty period offered by various other rival products in the market.
Needs A Bit More Pushing – At times, you have to push the mop head a bit more forcefully to be able to do a proper cleaning of carpets and floors.

Is It A Good Choice?

The Shark Professional S3601 Steam Pocket Mop has got great customer ratings and reviews which show how it is perfect for regular cleaning. If you have a dusty home, or have pets, this tool can help you clean inaccessible areas of the house and remove spots and stains that can be tough to remove.

If you live in a high traffic region with greater pollution, you will love to have this equipment for your home and do cleaning perfectly with proper sanitization. The tool has powerful functionalities and performance for home owners who look for an affordable product that also works in an effective manner. The cleaner has got many positive customer reactions and reviews.

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