Sienna Vibe SSM-3003 Reviews

Sienna Vibe SSM-3003 Reviews

The Sienna Vibe SSM-3003 Steam Mop is a sturdy steam cleaning equipment which comes from Sienna, one of the most trusted names in home cleaning manufacturing in the market. The machine comes with many advanced features like swivel heads, constant steam cleaning, microfiber cleaning pads and safe cleaning ability which can help you to clean in a professional manner.

The review helps you to take a look at the different features and benefits of the equipment and whether or not it can stand up to the features and performance of other cleaners from various other brands in the industry.

Sienna Vibe SSM-3003 Reviews

Sienna Vibe SSM-3003 Reviews


  • Regular Tap Water Cleaning – The machine helps you to clean varied surfaces such as carpets, upholstery and car interiors and also sanitize them with the aid of only regular tap water.
  • Swivel Head – The cleaner comes with a triangular head that can swivel by 180 degrees and is able to clean even tight spaces quite easily.
  • Varied Uses – The steam-based machine is able to tidy up varied surfaces like bathroom, carpets, boats, hard floors, kitchen and motor vehicles.
  • Washable Microfiber Pads – The microfiber pads of this machine are long lasting. These can be washed and used again after cleaning sessions.


A lot of buyers have given their approvals to the Sienna Vibe SSM-3003 Steam Mop. The machine has been able to get 4 star rating on Homedepot and Amazon online stores. Buyers have given it a lot of appreciation for the following features:

  • Bacteria-Free Cleaning – The machine allows you to clean 99.9% of all bacteria and sanitize the floor with the help of super-heated steam, thus making your home safer.
  • Chemical-Free Natural Cleaning – Many consumers have also appreciated the ability of the steamer to clean up different types of surfaces with regular tap water only and not with any kind of harsh chemicals.
  • Easy Assembly – You will be able to easily assemble different parts of the product together and prepare the equipment for the cleaning process.
  • Robust Cleaning – The 1500 watt machine gives you super-heated steam that helps you make a professional level cleaning at home.


When pitted against same types of cleaners in the market, the Sienna Vibe SSM-3003 Steam Mop is able to stand up very well and can sometimes score over many of its rivals in a few aspects. It has been able to receive many positive comments and reviews on websites like Walmart and Amazon. When tested against same types of cleaners, it is able to stand up in the following way:


  • Chemical-Free Cleaning – By making use of only regular tap water, this cleaner is able to clean your house perfectly and without making use of any toxic chemicals.
  • Complete Stain-Free Cleaning – The machine allows you to clean a variety of surfaces in a complete manner and you will not find any stains or spots after the cleaning process is over.
  • Fast Drying Capability – The machine allows you to dry the cleaned surfaces very fast.
  • Lightweight – The lightweight body of this machine makes you able to operate the equipment in an easy manner.
  • Low Cost – The tool costs a little over $50 when purchased over the web stores. You can find it a comfortable purchase for your house.
  • Variable Cleaning – You can tidy up different kinds of surfaces, such as floors, upholstery, carpets and car interiors.


  • Bad Handle – Some buyers have criticized the handle of the cleaner and the fact that is wobbly and can break easily.
  • Low Warranty Period – A lot of consumers have reported that they have disliked the 1 year warranty period of the cleaning equipment.
  • Short Cord Length – The cord length of the cleaner is not too long for cleaning a larger area and makes looking for another plug point mandatory for you.

Is It A Good Choice?

When pitted against competitors, the Sienna Vibe SSM-3003 Steam Mop fares very well in a number of ways. The steam mop is able to clean up various surfaces and its parts can easily be assembled in the lowest possible time.

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