Steamfast SF-142 Reviews

Steamfast SF-142 Reviews

Steamfast SF-142 Reviews Guidelines

Steamfast, a top name in the manufacturing of home cleaning products in the market. Has released the Steamfast SF-142 Steam Mop – a first-rate steam cleaning machine. With a lot of advanced features like telescopic pole, constant steam cleaning. Carpet glider accessory and microfiber cleaning pads. The machine can help you to clean in a professional manner. The review allows you a peek into the varied features and benefits of the cleaner.

Steamfast SF-142 Reviews


  • Carpet Glide – The machine has a carpet glide attachment which provides assistance in cleaning and sanitizing carpet surfaces and making them refreshed.
  • Constant Steam – The cleaner allows you get constant steam power that can help you to clean in an easy manner.
  • Natural Steam Cleaning – The product helps you to clean various surfaces like carpets, car interiors and upholstery without using any chemicals and making use of only steam power.


Many consumers have expressed their appreciation for the Steamfast SF-142 Steam Mop. The machine has been able to get 4 star rating on Amazon, 3.5 star rating on Walmart and 4 star rating on Homedepot online store. A lot of customers have expressed their appreciation for the following features:

  • Chemical-Free Cleaning – The machine cleans up various kinds of surfaces only with the help of steam and does not make use of any kind of harsh chemicals.
  • Constant Steam Cleaning – Buyers have appreciated the 1000-watt power of the steamer to produce steam on a constant basis and not needing the use of any manual pumping or steam triggers.
  • Effective Mopping – The cleaner has a more effective mop and the mop head allows you to get into seemingly inaccessible areas with a convenient swivel handle.
  • Telescopic Pole – You can easily adjust the telescopic pole of laminate flooring steam mop and make it ready for the cleaning process.


It has got a lot of positive reviews and comments on online stores like Home Depot, Amazon and Walmart. When pitted against similar kinds of cleaners, it is able to fare thus:


  • Complete Stain-Free Cleaning – With this cleaner, you can tidy up various surfaces very easily and get rid of all traces of dirt and stains after you are done with the cleaning.
  • Excellent Floor Cleaning – The machine is able to clean a number of hard floor surfaces like slate, marble, ceramic, linoleum and stained concrete.
  • Lightweight – With only 6 pounds of weight, the machine is light enough for you to be able to use easily at home.
  • Low Cost – The tool costs under $50 when bough online and you will be able to find it perfect for your house.
  • Variable Cleaning – You are able to use the cleaner to tidy up various types of surfaces like carpets, upholstery, floors and car interiors.


  • Low Warranty Period – Many buyers have the complaint that the 1 year warranty period of the cleaning tool is quite low as compared to what is offered by many competitors.
  • Short Cord Length – The cleaner does not have a long cord length and an extension cord is mandatory for you.

Is It A Good Choice?

When compared against rivals, the Steamfast SF-142 Steam Mop fares extremely well in various ways. The steam mop can help you to tidy up varied surfaces in an easy and time saving manner. The lightweight cleaner arrives with all the functionalities and features which can be expected from such a home cleaning equipment.

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