Steamfast SF-294 Reviews

Steamfast SF-294 Reviews

Steamfast SF-294 Steam Mop

Steamfast is one of the best names in steam cleaner manufacturing and has recently brought out the Steamfast SF-294 Steam Mop to the market. This cleaning tool helps you to remove all traces of stains, spots and dirt from various types of surfaces. The machine gives you the benefit of various advanced features, such as steam mop, constant steam cleaning ability, large water tank capacity, variable steam control and versatile accessories.

Steamfast SF-294 Reviews

The review gives you a glimpse into various benefits and features of the Steamfast SF-294 Steam Mop. You can also understand how well the equipment is able to fare when matched with same types of machines from many other brands in the market.


  • Full Steam Cleaning – The machine gives you three in one advantage of handheld steam cleaner, steam mop and fabric steamer.
  • Large Tank Capacity – The cleaner consists of a large tank of 15 oz. capacity and you may add water to it at any time that you wish without waiting for the steamer to cool down.
  • Natural Cleaning – The product is able to help you to clean, sanitize and deodorize with only steam and does not use any toxic chemical. This ensures that your home is safe for small kids and pets.
  • Variable Steam Control – You will be able to control the amount of steam that is needed for various types of cleaning purposes.
  • Versatile Accessories – With different kinds of accessories, the machine allows you greater and enhanced ability to clean various kinds of surfaces with ease..


Many consumers have loved the Steamfast SF-294 Steam Mop and have posted many positive feedbacks and reviews for it on online store pages. It has been able to win the appreciation of a lot of buyers on web stores like Amazon, eBay and Walmart. This is got a 3.6 star rating on Amazon, 4 stars rating on Walmart and Costco and same types of high ratings on many other online stores. Many buyers have only positive feedbacks and reviews for this cleaner, mainly for its following features:

  • Full Natural Cleaning – Many buyers have loved the ability of the cleaning tool to sanitize homes with the help of only steam power and not use any toxic chemical.
  • Great Attachments – The cleaning equipment is available with a number of easy attachments that make the cleaning process very easy and convenient.
  • Portability – You will be able to move the cleaner about in an easy manner due to its light weight and compact design.
  • Robust Dirt Removing Ability – The machine can help you blast through grime and dirt which are tough to remove, with robust steam power.


When pitted against many similar types of cleaners from various other brands in the market, the Steamfast SF-294 3-In-1 Steam Mop fares quite well.


  • Ease Of Operations – During the cleaning process, you will be able to maneuver the cleaner in an easy manner and make it clean corners in a very easy manner.
  • Hard Surface Cleaning – The machine helps you to clean various hard surfaces, such as floors, in an easy manner.
  • Low Pricing – At around $50 in cost, the product is not high priced and is within the reach of buyers who keep looking for low-cost cleaning equipment for their houses.
  • Water Tank – The equipment comes with a constant fill water tank which can be filled quite easily at the time of cleaning.


  • Incomplete Removal – Some buyers have complained that the machine is unable to remove very tough stains at one go, and needs to be used for multiple times until they are completely gone.

Is It A Good Choice?

The Steamfast SF-294 Steam Mop can be a very good choice for your home. It has managed to fare very well when pitted against many other similar products in the market. It comes with the good reputation of Steamfast, which is one of the most reliable names in the manufacturing of top quality home cleaners. You can make use of this equipment to clean different types of surfaces in an easy manner. You will find it perfect for your day to day cleaning requirements.

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